Devil-ish Little Things Museum

Unique and interesting, the Devil-ish Little Things Museum is located in the Pacific Northwest at 3409 L St, Vancouver, WA 98663. This little museum is devoted to displaying an assortment of interesting and frequently eerie artifacts, such as antique dolls, peculiar taxidermy specimens, and oddities.

The collection of antique dolls is one of the Devil-ish Little Things Museum’s most notable displays. These nineteenth- and early twentieth-century dolls range from beautiful porcelain figurines to scary, lifelike dolls with glass eyes. Some of the dolls in the collection have even been featured on paranormal research television programs.

The collection of bizarre taxidermy creatures in the Devil-ish Little Things Museum is another intriguing display. These include unusually preserved animals, such as a snake with two heads and a porcupine with additional quills. A number of strange animals are also on show, including a mounted jackalope (a hybrid of a jackrabbit and an antelope) and a mermaid. More Here

In addition to dolls and taxidermy specimens, the Devil-ish Little Things Museum also displays an assortment of oddities. There is also a collection of authentic human skulls.

The atmosphere of the Devil-ish Little Things Museum is one of its most distinctive aspects. Exhibits are presented in a manner that contributes to the creepy ambiance of the museum, which is set in an old Victorian-style mansion. The museum’s allure is enhanced by a multitude of ghost stories and legends.

The Devil-ish Little Things Museum is a must-visit destination for everyone interested in the bizarre and odd. Its collection of antique dolls, taxidermy specimens, and oddities is certain to amaze and terrify visitors of all ages. This museum is guaranteed to offer something that will pique your curiosity, whether you’re a fan of the paranormal or just enjoy the macabre. More Info Here

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