Five Corners

In the city of Vancouver, Washington, you’ll find a neighborhood known as Five Corners. It is in the geographic center of the city and is surrounded by Fourth Plain Boulevard to the north, Andresen Road to the east, Mill Plain Boulevard to the south, and St. Johns Boulevard to the west.

Five Corners is a diverse town that includes residential, commercial, and industrial zones within its boundaries. It is home to a diverse assortment of businesses, such as restaurants, retail establishments, and service providers. The region is quite well served by public transportation, since numerous bus routes can be found traveling through it. More

In addition, Five Corners is home to a variety of community amenities, such as parks, educational institutions, and recreational establishments. The Esther Short Park, the Vancouver Mall, and the Clark County Fairgrounds are just a few of the important sites that can be found in this neighborhood.

In general, Five Corners is a dynamic and varied neighborhood that plays an important role in the city of Vancouver. It offers residents a lifestyle that is a mix of urban and suburban, and it is a good location for residents’ places of employment, shopping, and recreational activities. Next

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